Visual Artist PRØHBTD Presents FACE it and ESCAPE it Digital Art Themes

PRØHBTD, a prolific visual artist, presents revolutionary visual representations of current and past events in their ESCAPE it and FACE it themes of digital-first art.

PRØHBTD’s art connects through visual representations that preserve the emotions and feelings that are shaping our society. If historians write about how the events happened, the artist’s focus is to translate what it felt like into visuals, which communicate cultural divides and advocate for positive change.
The two themes — ESCAPE it and FACE it — are the Yin and Yang of the PRØHBTD universe. In Chinese cosmology, Yin and Yang were born from chaos at the beginning of the physical world as they represent opposing forces bringing harmony and balance in an interconnected way. PRØHBTD views the ESCAPE it and FACE it art in the same vein: Both darkness and light work in harmonized opposition to make each full day complete.
PRØHBTD’s artistic approach comes to fruition in pieces like Let the Surreal Reshape your Concept of Real (below left) and The War of Art (below right).  

The inward-looking Let the Surreal Reshape your Concept of Real (ESCAPE it) represents a surrealist escape across new paths that will transform your idea of reality. Looking outward, The War of Art (FACE it) alludes to the fight for racial equality and includes a visual tribute to segregated African-American units like The Black Panthers tank battalion and the Red Tails fighter pilots. Access additional art from PRØHBTD in video format here as part of the FACE it series theme.
PRØHBTD’s art is marked by the use of strong verbs that call the viewer to take action: defy, repel, confront, disown, reject, reshape, take a different path. In other words, Prohbtd is creating action through more immersive thought.


PRØHBTD (or Prohbtd) is a visual artist based in Los Angeles who specializes in conceptualizing and creating digital-first art driven by three goals: to show beauty in contrast, to challenge the artificial equilibrium and to redefine normal. PRØHBTD spent 2020 creating an exclusive NFT collection around its identifying themes of “FACE it” and “ESCAPE it”. The two themes — ESCAPE it and FACE it — are the Yin and Yang of the PRØHBTD universe. Learn more @prohbtd on Instagram

What are NFTs?

Blockchain is the technology that powers crypto art. It is a peer-to-peer technology that uses public electronic ledgers as proof of transactions. Blockchain registers unchangeable records of transactions, which are timestamped and linked to the previous transactions.

Unlike cryptocurrencies, which are identical and worth the same, NFTs or non-fungible tokens are unique. NFTs are attached to a piece of digital file like video files. NFTs make digital files unique, which makes such files more valuable.

What is Cryptoart?

NFTs gave rise to cryptoart. Since NFTs are unique, they make digital assets unique, which makes these assets more valuable. As digital art is easy to replicate due to the nature of digital information, cryptoart is a way to make digital files unique.