PROHBTD Visual Art and Chaos Scenes

PROHBTD is a visual artist whose works include scenes of chaos. What can we learn from this visual artist and how can we use these ideas in video and beyond? Let's explore chaos as a new creative territory.

Chaos has always had its place in the creative world. Its darkness, sadness, pain have always been attractive to painters and sculptors and other creative folks. Just think about the chaos in such famous paintings like The Scream or less known like this Untitled piece.

PROHBTD is bringing chaos into the digital world through scenes of chaos and psychodelic imagination.

Why chaos?

Chaos is complete disorder and confusion. Oftentimes, chaos is meant to signify the pointless and powerlessness of our existence. Protests, wars, disasters, tragedy - these were all the chaos themes in the centuries past. The Last Day of Pompeii or Saturn Devouring His Son were tragic paintings with no optimistic angles, whatsoever.

In the 21st century, chaos is meant to send messages. It is a means to express the creator's feelings about the world we live in. Chaos is not divine anymore - it's rather a tool to focus on what's bad and what needs our collective attention.

PROHBTD approaches chaos in art as a means to send important messages and attract viewers to the problems occurring in today's America and the rest of the world.


PROHBTD is a visual artist who creates original works of art conceived to live in the digital and physical realms. PROHBTD inspires people to face familiar and unfamiliar combinations and situations.

The visual artist focuses on two distinctive areas in their art: FACE IT and ESCAPE IT. Both tread in territories that are often forbidden or that are semi-taboos.

FACE IT is a collection of creative pieces about how institutions treat us, how we treat each other,
how we treat the planet and how we actually should be treated.

ESCAPE IT is about escapism and exploration. Here PROHBTD invites people to leave their daily routines behind and travel across a digital psychedelic trail that leads them to more enlightened places.


With the FACE IT pieces, PROHBTD is vocal about the issues that the US has been haunted with for several decades, if not more.

It's police violence, protests, BLM movement, fake democracy, no critical thinking, overwhelmingly fast technology advancements. Take a look below!

The messages are heavy, but refreshing.


ESCAPE IT is inviting you to take a trip to the subconscious. Let's look at a couple of impressive pieces from this collection.

Freedom is about breaking away from the shackles and flying up in the sky.

This Mona Lisa reproduction reflects on how art is consumed today. It's photos and social likes. There is no serious contemplation, observation and analysis. It's all about the surface, without much depth.

PROHBTD's message to creators

Visual artists like PROHBTD depict our lives under unusual angles. They give us visual stories with important messages. We are invited to look beyond the simple combination of elements and figure out the messages. But it's not only about the messages, but it's also about actions.

In any creative work chaos is a strong tool to create vivid impressions and strong memories. PROHBTD help us see this new world of art and bring it all to the digital space.