Should You Trust Videvo for Your Stock Video Needs?

Well, we will not be trashing Videvo in this article. We'd like to take a look at this stock video site and provide its pros and cons when you choose the stock video site to use in your productions. Why Videvo specifically in the world of free stock video sites? Videvo has a lot to offer for both free or a fee. Whatever your choice, it's a cost-efficient way to get good-quality stock footage at a lower cost than the major stock video sites.

Don't be tricked by "free" when you talk about Videvo. actually caters to professional creatives by offering high-quality stock footage and stock music. While it is widely known for its free stock footage, Videvo's true value lies in its premium, royalty-free library of stock videos and audio tracks, which are ideal for commercial projects and are accessible through subscriptions.

Videvo's Origins

Videvo was launched in 2012 as a free stock video site. Its aim was to make it easier for users to find, download, and use free video clips for educational purposes, creative practice, and personal projects. Over time, Videvo expanded its offerings to include professional stock media, such as HD videos and stock audio files, under a royalty-free license for professional use. As the library continues to grow, it now hosts over 1.5M premium stock video clips and a similar number of premium audio tracks. 

Videvo Video Specs

Videvo offers a variety of stock videos in different resolutions. The free stock videos are available in resolutions up to 1080 HD, while the premium footage clips are all HD quality or better, up to 4K. The video files are provided in .mp4 and .mov formats. Subscribers gain access to premium downloads in high-quality compression formats like ProRes.

The premium audio files on Videvo are available in .wav format and are of standard quality for video production.

Videvo Free Videos

Let's talk about the free offer from Videvo first. Videvo provides over 50,000 free footage, motion graphics, and audio clips under two licensing types: Videvo Attribution License and Creative Commons 3.0

All videos on Videvo, including the free ones, come with a license. The Videvo Attribution License allows users to download and use the clips in as many projects as they like, including edited and published work, but attribution to the author of the clips is required. 

The Creative Commons 3.0 license, provided by Creative Commons, allows users to make free use of the content and adapt it as needed, always crediting the author and/or licensor.

When using the free videos from Videvo, it is important to include proper attribution to the artist who created them. We consider it as one of the main drawbacks about Videvo. 

At the same time we recognize the work Videvo puts in providing creative assets. So, not to use the attribution you may use Videvo's paid plans. They are very affordable, by the way.

Videvo Lite, Plus, Pro

Videvo offers subscription plans with monthly and annual billing options. One of the subscription plans is Videvo Plus, which provides users with 25 downloads per month for $14.99 monthly or unlimited downloads for $144 annually. With Videvo Plus, you will gain access to the premium footage library and enjoy royalty-free licensing for their projects.

See Videvo's Plans and Pricing

To accommodate different needs and budgets, Videvo also offers Videvo Lite and Videvo Pro. With Pro, for example, you will have access to 50 downloads per month for $24.99 monthly or unlimited downloads for $240 annually. In addition to the premium footage library, Videvo Pro includes access to the premium audio library, allowing users to enhance their projects with high-quality stock music and sound effects.

Two Things We Like About Videvo

Well, there are more than two, but here is what we'd like to mention:

#1: Easy Navigation and Search

Finding the right video or audio file for your project is so easy with Videvo's curated categories and powerful search tool. You can browse through various categories such as nature, technology, business, and more, or simply search for specific keywords. This ensures that you can quickly find the content you need, saving you valuable time and effort.

#2: You Can Try Before You Commit

This was actually a big thing for us! If you're not ready to commit to an annual subscription right away, you can start with Videvo's free footage and then move into their month-to-month subscription plans. These plans include a low volume Lite plan with 5 downloads per month, which is not covered by the discount. Additionally, there are monthly versions of the Plus and Pro services, offering 25 and 50 downloads per month respectively. 

Our Point of Video

The information provided above covers the essential facts about Videvo and its offerings. It is important to note that Videvo's subscription plans are designed to cater to individuals and businesses with tight budgets, including YouTubers, students, and small businesses. The competitive pricing and unlimited downloads offered in the annual plans make Videvo an attractive option for those in need of stock videos and stock music on a limited budget.

Videvo's commitment to providing valuable resources extends beyond its stock footage and audio libraries. The website also features an industry-oriented blog with informative articles on video production, photography, and related topics. This additional content enhances the user experience and provides further support and guidance for creatives.

In our opinion, Videvo is a valuable service for those looking for high-quality stock footage and stock music while working with small budgets. The combination of curated free footage and affordable subscriptions for professional-grade content ensures that users can find suitable videos for their projects without compromising on quality. The annual plans, in particular, offer unlimited downloads and significant cost savings, providing access to both footage clips and audio tracks with a royalty-free license for an entire year.

Top line: Videvo is the go-to platform for creatives who want to enhance their projects with visually stunning and professionally produced stock footage and stock music. With its wide range of offerings and user-friendly pricing, you can trust Videvo as a great resource for your video content needs.